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Hero of the Times (English Hardsubs)


  • Title: 新方世玉

  • Cantonese/Mandarin title: San Fong Sai Yuk / Xin Fang Shi Yu

  • English title: Hero of the Times

  • Episodes: 30

  • Broadcast network: TCS

  • Broadcast year: 1999

  • Subbed by: Renai Fansubs

A blockbuster biopic immortalizing the Chinese folk hero, Fang Shi Yu. Renowned martial arts actor Chiu Mun Cheok plays the title character who is constantly kept out of trouble by his comical mother, played by Taiwanese queen of tearjerkers, Liu Xue Hua. It also stars TCS actor Vincent Ng as Fang's gongfu buddy and TCS rising stars Yvonne Lim and May Phua as Fang's lovers. Expect lots of impressive and exhilarating fighting sequences between the agile Fang and his arch rivals in a clash of the titans.

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Indigo No Yoru (English Hard Subs)

Title: インディゴの夜
Title (romaji): Indigo no Yoru
Also known as: Indigo Night
DramaWiki: http://wiki.d-addicts.com/Indigo_no_Yoru
Subbed by: Renai Fansubs

Yoko Moriguchi (43) stars as a woman who was previously a successful editor at a major publisher. One day, her fiance suddenly disappeared, and an embezzlement incident later led her to lose her job. She ended up as the manager of Club Indigo, an unusual host club in Shibuya. With various incidents happening around the club, she and her hosts work together like a team of amateur detectives to solve the cases. -- Tokyograph
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